A guide for turning yourself into a networking super star - in a way that is easy and natural for you - my book teaches you how to make the essential connections and build the relationships that are the foundation of a referral-based business.

Bring Your A-Game: 
Awareness and Attention

Be okay with not knowing. When was the last time you felt excited about not knowing what was going to happen next? 

What exactly is a referral? If you ask ten business owners, you'll get ten different answers. 

Lorraine lane
Lorraine is a results-driven, certified business coach with experience consulting with large enterprises and small businesses. Her unique approach helps business owners find their way of doing business– the way that takes advantage of their strengths and interests.

She learned what it really takes to launch and grow a business by building hers, and she brings that expertise to her clients. 

Lorraine is a speaker, coach, consultant, author and radio host. She has served in leadership positions with various business groups: an adjunct faculty member for San Jose State University, Pasco-Hernando State College and St. Leo University and is a mentor with Florida’s Take Stock in Children. She has been a member of several Boards of Directors in Pasco County organizations
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“One of the As in Lorraine’s A-Game Program is ‘Awareness and Attention.’ As a result of participating in the program, I now bring a much higher level of awareness and attention to everything I do in my business, and it has paid off. In her program, Lorraine encourages self-awareness. I now have a self-awareness practice in which I allow myself fifteen quiet minutes every day—with no email and no phone calls. While this practice may sound basic, and be obvious to some, it is one that has had a significant positive impact on me and my business.” - C. Collier, Marketing Director

“Lorraine’s A-Game Program had a major impact on my business practices, marketing attitude and—most importantly—on the results to my bottom line. The A-Game Program of Business-Building Referrals is about so much more than referrals: it encompasses how you think about referrals, the actions you take to build business relationships, and the creation of an environment that is beneficial to both you and your referral partners. I love this program and recommend it to everyone I know who has clients or customers, and anyone who wants to develop a bigger community based on mutual interests.”P. Cooper, FASAE, IOM Leadership and Career Coach 

“I love this book! I’m a past participant in Lorraine’s A-Game Program: the tactics she teaches have helped me to be intentional both about giving and getting referrals. I’m proud to say that most of my business comes from referrals. This book is a study guide to help you grow your business. Actively play your ‘business game’ the A-Game way—and you will win all the way to the bank.”L.  Woodard